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These types of Projects involve more than 10 acres; up to 1500 acres and larger. They include many other buildings and land functions than a single family residence.

Many of these projects are tied to land, deed, and Family trusts. This is true of providing separation of lands and uses for future generations.

In general, an estate means a family compound with a main house, several guest house, auto barn, and accessory buildings associated with a particular land function. An important part of this process is grading of new roads and building sites and drainage plans that incorporate natural systems. Landscaping on such a scale is demanding and involves a great deal of pre-planning and supervision.

Self- sustaining compounds are a specialty of our office. From Solar, Bio-dynamics, green construction, and natural systems. We have over 40 years of ecological experience.

Our new office in Hana Maui is now offering Agriculture and Land Trust designs

and planning to accommodate changes in zoning applications in Agricultural areas.

Working with state and county agencies, our firm has great expertise in work within Conservation Zones, Bluff lots and Watershed analysis’.