As an architectural student in the 60’s, painting and sculpture were an integral part of the curriculum. Though I had become fascinated with Zen sumi-e painting during the fifties it was the abstract expressionists that became my focus in college. This was particularly true with Franz Kline and DeKooning , who were emerging to prominence with the best of the beatnik era. It was the Japanese thread that ran through Frank Lloyd Wright, Kline, and the modernist movement that still is the mainstay of my work. Now, after nearly 40 years of drafting and drawing, I feel that my artwork can take on a truly free and poignant expression.

Although my work is divided between traditional Sumi with ink on rice paper and acrylics on wood, their calligraphic nature is evident. The works are both abstract and yet easily recognizable. As the spatial relationships between the black and white areas begin to emerge in form, a constructivist, two dimensional image is achieved. Ultimately, abstract forms can be compelled into structure using only the value and hue of pure color.



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