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As a result of our early work on large real estate and ski area development, we were able to make presentations to government agencies. The State of Maine was sold on our concepts of whole systems and our suggestion that a natural areas inventory be started. That evolved into a Natural Areas Inventory of the coast of Maine and the entire Canadian Maritime Provinces.

Meanwhile, in Maine, our next project was to integrate the Natural Areas Plan into the prime Agrarian and Maritime industries of that coast.

The Central New Hampshire Open Space Plan was a large, complicated project involving grass-roots techniques developed during our preliminary efforts in Maine. Completed in 1985, we feel this project set a new standard for Regional Planning. The primary emphasis is working with locals to pinpoint sensitive areas, develop a legal strategy toward land planning and acquisition, and to integrate the fundamentals of nature.

A later project for the Army Corps of Engineers helps locate natural refugees and bio-habitat on the North Slope of Alaska. Set aside under the Carter Administration, the areas we chose are now under attack to develop oil resources.