Edward D’Andrea is an architect living in Malibu California. He received his Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1966 while in the studio of American Master, Louis I Khan. He is registered in New Hampshire, Colorado, California and Hawaii.

Initially, his calligraphic paintings were a response as a relief from long hours of straight-line drafting-- this is before computers. His early schooling and interests in Zen painting came together in a natural and expressive way.

Today, after an architectural career of 40 years, these painting are the result of many years of experience and reflection. These are an activity apart from the architectural office but imbued with the responsiveness and experience that only time can give. Now, from the rain forests of East Maui to the beaches of Malibu, he has combined the drawing and design experience with the traditions of capturing with ink and paper, the language of Nature.

“If calligraphy is writing,

then Sumi-e is the painter’s language of nature.”


D’Andrea’s paintings are lyrical images that are at the same time abstract and yet recognizable. They are not a duplication of Nature, but a new creation; utilizing evolved techniques from traditional Zen forms.

“thought before……..brush after.”


Because of the traditional use of rice paper, water and ink, the techniques require great brush control. Careful planning of positive and negative spaces is critical. The result is a total object rather than a two dimensional image. Many years of drawing and visualization contribute to a spontaneous creation through continuous arm movements between the brush strokes. Deeply impressionistic, the metaphor is the tranquility of the moment in which the artist perceives his subject in nature. The impression is peacefulness through concentration. For the viewer, the conventional separation of artwork and observer is transcended. The viewer sees, hears and senses the image. Fixing on such a naturalistic moment, we can remember our true connection with the earth and participate in the artwork.

Sumi-e   Artwork

Ink on rice paper


Member American Institute of Architects                     


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