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Architecture Commentary

When I was in graduate school at Penn in Louis I. Kahn’s masters class,

Mr. Kahn would all ways say:


“There is no such thing as architecture. Architecture only exists in spirit;

Buildings are simply offerings to that spirit.”

As my knowledge grew through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and my career allowed me to get deep into architecture, I began to see that spirituality is really just

Naturism. It’s as natural as the coming and going of our breath.

I don’t know any architects that are producing new atomic elements or

using building materials from outer space. Everything we have been using and will ever use, comes from nature or from within the earth.

Use is the key here.

People all ways ask me:

“What is the difference between form and function? or

“Form follows function- is that true?”

Form and function both follow actual use. The Sistine Chapel functioned very well for religious rituals but, served the Germans well as a stable during the war. The form was so all encompassing that it had nothing to do with how it is was actually used. Another example is a spatula. It’s very form specific – but, makes a good entry tool on old slide lock doors.

It’s the actual use that we must look at the most. Obviously, we have been using our natural resources with unsound reasoning. Today, the New Green/ Realism

can not only extend life on our planet but opens the possibility for new forms and things that might function differently.

“How real can new be?” It’s called, “get real”. We’ve realized what needs to be done. Now, realistic doings- called planning, must take place. Things need places in which to occur. Architects, engineers and artists have never had such an opportunity to demonstrate that spirit in new forms. Not since the old ones switched from Sperm Oil to petroleum and industry replaced fulfillment, has the art community faced such a new frontier.

Above: Dandrea at jury with Lou khan, Robert LeRicolais and Ero Sarinen’s wife.

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