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After reviewing our plans for a site specific, 160 acre, non-polluting eco resort on the peninsula-cay of Ambergris Key, the interior minister of Belize asked us to prepare a key-wide plan for ecotourism. The Belizean Government was about to acquire 22,000 acres of land on the key from the Pinkerton Agency!

The final concept incorporates our latest concepts for natural, tropical development. The island will become a “Jungle City”. It won’t be the robotics show such as Disneyland but, a completely, self-sustaining port of call for the whole world to enjoy.

The major features of the project are bio-field disposal solutions, integration of the local community into an “Eco-Corps”, dedicated to running and maintaining the project and a comprehensive legal implementation plan to manage port, transportation and exhibits. The third prong of the plan was a very aggressive recycling and waste management plan. Remote tourist destinations have their own particular pollution problems. High gloss, toxic print magazines that people bring on vacation is an example.

The layout involves all the aspects of the local economy : fishing, diving, jungle ruins, beach resort living. A monorail above the lagoon connects all parts of he Key along it’s spine. Secondary water taxis bring people to individual areas. From exploration of the Barrier Reef and archeological exhibits, the land use areas define each ecosystem. A new regional Seaport and Airport are planned for inter Caribbean travel.